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Address : 1a Standhill Road, Carlton, Nottingham, NG4 1JL

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Once upon a time, a walk up Carlton Hill would end in the inevitable disappointment of an old estate pub serving nothing better than John Smiths. Or worse still – Worthington Creamflow. But with the arrival of The Brickyard, all that should thankfully be consigned to history.

The Lincoln Green brewery has created its fifth pub, complete with its customary ambitious feel. This isn’t the world’s biggest boozer, but it boasts ten handpulls, a smattering of ciders and crafts and a large selection of gins.

The layout is somewhat limited to the building’s former life as a shop unit, but the space has been well used. The main bar gives way to a cosy snug and a tiny smoking area which doubles up as a makeshift beer garden.

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Music? Acoustic acts and an occasional open mic night, otherwise you can make your own conversation.

Food? Unlike some of Lincoln Green’s larger outlets, you’re limited here to simply bar snacks and sharing platters, including a tempting looking cheese board.

People? A steady mix of locals trying out the relative newcomer, along with real ale fans seeking out a treat on several handy bus routes.

Opinion? Lincoln Green’s steady expansion appears to be paying off. They know their market and seem to be choosing just the right locations for new pubs. This one should thrive.

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