The Sir John Borlase Warren 

Address : 1 Ilkeston Road, Canning Circus, Nottingham, NG7 3GD.


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Legend has it that the founder of Wetherspoons – when at University in Nottingham – based his vision for pubs on this place. But don’t let that put you off. Because the Sir John is just about everything a ‘spoons isn’t. For starters, it’s rather good.

Under the management of Lincoln Green, this place has re-established itself as a real destination pub, enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. Its sprawling bar offers up to twelve beers at a time; with a “tap takeover” to the left featuring guest breweries.

The main bar is a sprawling L-shaped room with comfy seats and big tables for groups. There’s a smaller snug room to the back, and outside, one of  Nottingham’s best outdoor spaces; a beer garden split on two levels.

There’s also a healthy collection of whiskies – and what’s claimed to be the city’s largest selection of gin.

Sir John


Music? Occasional bands but nothing too rowdy. Special events include an annual Gin and Jazz festival, plus entertainment during the Sir John’s several beer festivals

Food? After a period of uncertainty, food is now served seven days a week. Pub classics, pizzas and a Sunday lunch.

Customers? Wide and varied – the proximity to the Park attracts the well heeled 30-50 somethings while in the summer the garden is a magnet for the after work crowd from the Ropewalk area.

Opinion? The Sir J has made a real effort under its current managers to bring back the glory days of good service and a good atmosphere without being pretentious. Oh, and it looks pretty good at Christmas too.


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  1. Louise says:

    The Sir John hosted a buffet for 13, at relatively short notice, and provided a feast at very reasonable prices. Friendly and helpful service. Look forward to visiting again soon.


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