Partizan Tavern

Address : 15 Manvers Street, Nottingham, NG2 4PB

With a name like this, you could be mistaken that this is a pub all about the best of Eastern European beers. But the Partizan Tavern was named after the famous Belgrade football team simply because the owner supported them and would occasionally travel to Serbia to watch the games.

The bar is a healthy mix of cask and craft ales; just four handpulls, but the beers are constantly rotating and there’s thankfully a good mix of pales and darker brews, so something for all tastes. There’s also a good selection of cider and a large fridge of craft cans if you’re feeling more adventurous.

Simplicity is the keyword to this venue. There are no fancy furnishings or silly gimmicks, and the pub blends in well to the growing bar scene around Sneinton.

Music? Nothing to burden the eardrums here, thank you. It’s all about the conversation, though please remember that you don’t need to use your outdoor voice.

Food? Crisps and nuts, duck. Anything else around here would be criminal.

People? After workers mingle with serious drinkers of all ages, shapes and sizes. This is a place where you’re likely to meet just about anyone.

Opinion? Sneinton is fast becoming a crowded market, which is entirely a good thing, because the area now has a true selection of different pubs for different occasions. The Partizan is a shining example of a no nonsense boozer, exactly the kind of place we like at NottsNight.

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