Liquid Light

Address : Unit 9, Robin Hood Industrial Estate, Alfred Street South, Nottingham NG3 1GE

We have to admit that when we founded NottsNight, the thought of sitting in a craft beer brewery drinking two thirds of a pint would have led to an outbreak of real ale snobbery, declaring these young upstarts as nothing but hipsters.

But we’ve mellowed, and become educated in recent times, and that means embracing the flurry of microbreweries opening up in and around Nottingham. Liquid Light has been around for some years, but in 2021 has opened up the brewery and turned it into a tap room. There’s an ever changing selection of house brews, along with guest beers on rotation.

Add to that a touch “the quirky” and you might easily stumble into an evening featuring a Led Zeppelin tribute band or a small market of street food outside. It’s that kind of place.

Music? It turns out the owners are big fans of prog rock, so expect a varied playlist of background tunes mixed with occasional live performances to rattle your tabs.

Food? Basic bar snacks are available all of the time but at weekends you might also be offered anything from a selection of street food vendors, including curry or poutine from the filthily-named Squeaky Beaver company. Stop sniggering at the back

People? As may befit a microbrewery tap room, there’s a fair showing of hipster beards and student types. And others. Lots of others. Like you.

Opinion? At first we had our doubts about trekking to an industrial estate in one of the less attractive parts of town, but once here you’ll get a really warn welcome, staff who know their beers and a chance to see them being brewed before your very eyes.

Getting here? NCT Lines 24-27 from city centre to Handel Street

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