Fellows reopens (again)

In a touch of deja vu, Fellows, Morton and Clayton on Canal Street is to reopen again on 3rd September. It closed down earlier this year after the owners, Ever So Sensible Group, decided to pull the plug after just a few months of operation.

Now, the Bermondsey Pub Company – the trading name for the pub’s owners Enterprise Inns – has back the historic venue, promising “a lively boozer with crafty drinks and tasty food to mop it all up.” And unlike the previous relaunch, it very much looks like there’ll be significant change this time around.


This will be the third time that Fellows has opened under new management in recent years, and while the last relaunch had promised a new look, very little improvement work had been done. NottsNight visited on a lively opening weekend, but by the winter the place was dead.

The key problem, of course, is competition. The neighbouring Canalhouse takes the lion’s share of business around here, and the station area has seen two new pubs open in the past year, with BeerHeadZ and The Barley Twist.

So, despite the latest makeover, it remains to be seen what the new look Fellows will bring. For our money, playing on the area’s history would be a big plus. Fellows, Morton and Clayton was one of the key transport providers for good during the industrial revolution. And while the Canalhouse has a unique feature by having a Nottingham’s best water feature inside the pub itself, we’re certain the famous Fellows name could help to drive trade and rekindle interest in this once great bar.

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