The Running Horse

Address : 16 Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 3NG.


In the days when Players and Raleigh ruled this district, the Running Horse was the place for live music. Long before Rock City was dreamt of, the Horse would be rammed to the rafters. Sadly, in recent years, it’s been open and closed by successive managers who thought they had the solution to bring back the glory days.

So it’s good to see that the new tenant has decided on a makeover. Gone are the dark, goth-like walls and in their place, a western saloon design. At the bar, three real ales are on offer and even on a busy night service is efficient.

This won’t be everybody’s idea of a great night out, but it’s brought back to Canning Circus a live music venue that deserves to be recognised. It’s worth noting that the Horse is generally only open Thursdays to Saturdays


NT2 Running Horse.PNG

Music? Absolutely. The emphasis is on Americana, be it blues or skiffle. You might also see an open mic night.

Food? Bar snacks only. You don’t come here to be fed.

People? A collection of music lovers, passing students and curious onlookers.

Opinion? We’ve seen owners come and go through the doors here over the past decade or so. The current tenant seems to have set just the right tone – nothing too ambitious, just a great place to enjoy live music.

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