The Herbert Kilpin


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Address : 10 Bridlesmith Walk, Nottingham, NG1 2HB

The Herbert Kilpin sits alongside its hipster cousin the Junkyard where every pint comes as a two thirds measure, topped off with a man bun and seasoned with beard shavings. But thankfully, the owners have realised there’s a market for normal people too.

The Kilpin is inside the former Rhinegold restaurant – tucked away between Bridlesmith and Fletcher Gates. On tap are around five beers veering towards the craft ale definition. The house cask ale is tasty enough and the interior offers a clean,modern look.

And as for the name? Herbert was the some of a Mansfield Road butcher who went on to found AC Milan. Read more in Robert Neiri’s book.


NT Kilpin Cross Keys

Music? Nope.

Food? Sandwiches by day, gastro pub menu by night – you can find cheaper places nearby but for this level of the market, it’s competitively priced.

People? Couples, sensible groups, hipsters who’ve walked through the wrong door.

Opinion? A big contrast to the Junkyard, and all the better for it. The Kilpin doesn’t excel in real ale like some other places, but the atmosphere and service makes up for it. They could make more of the Kilpin history in here without going over the top. There’s also a nice courtyard when the weather permits.


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