A Pottle Of Blues

Address : 1 Stoney Street, Beeston, NG9 2LA.


BeestonLogo V2

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In a town already boasting many great bars, opening up a micro pub might have seen a little risky. But if the crowds we’ve seen in here are anything to go by, the Pottle of Blues is thriving.

The beers are advertised on the “bar” which is actually a piano. Place your order and the host disappears out the back, suggesting that the beers come straight from the barrel. Three real ales are usually on offer – and an impressive collection of used pump clips on the walls shows they’re frequently rotated.

The Blues theme is echoed throughout with vinyl records for wallpaper, and regular music nights compete the picture.


Music? Weekly blues gigs.

Food? Make do with the crisps and nuts – it leaves more room for the beer.

People? Proper beer lovers, male students attempting to impress their girlfriends with their knowledge of beer, and occasional dogs lying on the floor (who’ve also probably tried the beer)

Opinion? It’s a micro pub, so don’t even think of trying to swing a cat. Squeeze yourself in next to the other customers, make new friends. Whatever you do, don’t come here if you’re of a stiff upper lip disposition.

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/APoBlues/?ref=page_internal


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