The Pottle

Address : 1 Stoney Street, Beeston, NG9 2LA.


The “blues” have now been officially erased from what is now simply called “The Pottle Micropub”, with a neatly stripped back version of its previous incarnation. Competing in a town already thriving with great bars is a challenge, but The Pottle has a sufficiently different offer.

A wide range of cask ales and craft beers are rotated on the bar, though precisely where your pint comes from depends on where it’s stored this week; most come straight from the cask or through a simple tap – so generally speaking, don’t expect a head on your drink.

On the whole this is a pub where you can have a conversation without too much interruption.

Music? This place started with live music events – these days it’s mainly background tunes – though there is a piano!

Food? Make do with the crisps and nuts – it leaves more room for the excellent beer.

People? Proper beer lovers and a selection of dogs lying on the floor, who’ve also probably tied the beer.

Opinion : It’s a micro-pub, so don’t even think of trying to swing that cat. Squeeze yourself into a seat and make new friends.

Getting here : NCT Orange 36 and Trent Barton Indigo Lines to Beeston Interchange, NET Trams towards Toton Lane to Beeston Interchange – then a 10 minute walk

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