The Star Inn

Address : 22 Middle Street, Beeston, NG9 1FX.



If a beer festival lasted forever, it might look a bit like the Star. 10 hand pulls line the two ample main bars, and if they ever have fewer than eight working, you’ll get an apologetic look from the staff. The website has a whole page detailing the current offer, and helpful displays assist you in navigating the strength and colour of the ales.

The Star is certainly a popular place – and even with it’s three smaller rooms and mahoosive marquee, it can sometimes be hard to get a seat, especially at the weekends. The rear area is reserved for live music and major sports events, while a smoking terrace and sprawling beer garden almost gives the pub two different postcodes.

It’s hard to remember the days, not too long again, when this place was a faceless, dreary pub – full of John Smiths and often devoid of any customers. The transformation has been dramatic, ad we would be gobsmacked to hear a single report of a bad pint being served here these days.

Music? There are regular live gigs in the ample marquee, which is helpfully nicely soundproofed from the rest of the pub if you just fancy a quiet chat.

Food? A full menu of pub grub classics is on offer, along with lighter bar snacks.

People? This is a real Beeston favourite, with a healthy mix of locals of all ages, and those who’ve made a special trip.

Opinion? Can any one pub be all things to all people? It’s a tricky recipe to concoct, and even more challenging to mix together all the right ingredients in the right measures. But even Gregg Wallace would give this place a cheeky grin and an apron. Or whatever they do on MasterCook.

Getting here : NCT Orange 36 and Trent Barton Indigo Lines to Beeston Interchange, NET Trams towards Toton Lane to Beeston Interchange

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