The Crown

Address : 20 Church Street, Beeston, NG9 1FY


Modest exteriors often belie what can be found within. But as any pub lover knows, small entrances often lead to big surprises inside. And The Crown is full of them.

You may find yourself in the cosy front bar – including the tiny “confessional”, where three’s a crowd. Ot could be the side room, complete with a roaring fire, the functional middle bit, the l-shaped lounge, or the beer garden with a marquee big enough to host Hattie Jaques and all of her relatives (ask your gran). We’re basically saying this is a big pub.

Once you do make it to the bar, you’ll be greeted by around a dozen handpulls, with an ever rotating selection of real ales and ciders, along with a healthy selection of craft beers. In the warmer months you’ll find loads of outdoor seating (and bar service), sometimes accompanied by street food vendors.

Music? Not much – there is a weekly quiz – but most of the time you’ll have to make do with your own conversation. Which we love.

Food? There’s a good selection of cold foods including cobs, pork pies and cheeseboards on sale most of the time, and occasional street food vendors in the beer garden.

People? This is a truly inclusive pub with a range of customers of all ages, sometimes accompanied by their dogs – who are very welcome.

Opinion? Many will tell you that The Crown is one of the best things about living in Beeston, and we can’t disagree. Its popularity means you may be queuing for a pint – but that’s just another reason to spend more time here.

Getting here : NCT Orange 36 and Trent Barton Indigo Lines to Beeston Interchange, NET Trams towards Toton Lane to Beeston Interchange

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