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A sunkissed terrace directly opposite the Robin Hood Statue. You could hardly get more “Nottingham” if you dressed in green tights and changed your name to Marian. Fothergill’s (or Watson Fothergill’s to be proper and polite) is the rich cousin of The Castle next door.

And herein lies the only problem with this place. It acts posher, and with its bistro menu it is posher. That shouldn’t matter, but at busy times diners get priority over drinkers. This is an entirely understandable business model – yet snobbery (however subtle) shouldn’t be a feature of a good night out.

Redemption comes in the form of three or more real ales at the bar – and a reinstated Camra discount, though in recent times there’s been a shift over the craft beer. You sometimes get the impression they’d rather you ordered a high end wine.

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Music? Subtle, kept in the background.

Food? Mid priced bistro menu and big Sunday lunches. You’ll pay more here than some neighbouring venues.

People? A similar, sprawling after work crowd to the Castle on Fridays. Busy for much of the weekends with tourists mingling among the locals.

Opinion? The outdoor seating area and fold back windows set this location apart from anything else nearby. That’s the ultimate selling pint in the summer, which is where they make the money. By night subtle lighting adds an ambience. Cosy in the winter, this is a great people watching space.

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