The Canal House

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Address : 48-52 Canal Street, Nottingham, NG1 7EH

14364653_10154561982133092_8148396227217698075_nOn a sunny day by the Nottingham Canal you can mix with the pond life at lesser bars as they get tanked up on alcopops and throw themselves shirtless into the water. Or, you could avoid certain other venues and come here. The Canal House does what it says on the tin, to the extent that you can, should you wish, park your narrow boat inside the actual pub.

Another successful Castle Rock pub, the bar is laden with their own ales and a few guests beers too. There’s also a telephone directory sized world beer menu and several ciders.

The beer garden stretches right up to the canal edge and a large covered area means you can enjoy the al fresco experience even in the pouring rain. 14370010_10154561981303092_7432690991401568905_n








NTCanalHouse.pngMusic? The in house sound system pumps out stuff to keep you occupied. Occasional gigs and special festivals are held in the upstairs room.

Food? After several years of only serving pizzas, a fuller menu of pub favourites is now offered.

Customers? A mahoosive after work crowd dominates the bar on a sunny Friday afternoon, otherwise it’s a full range of sensible folk with the kids kept at bay by the bouncers.

Opinion? “Quirky” can all too often mean “shite” but not here. Its actual canal-inside-the-house credentials gives this place a proper stamp of unique. Despite the dingy colour of the water, there’s rarely a pong at the bar. Three weeks’ notice required to use the toilets which are depressingly on the top floor.

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