Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

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Address : Brewhouse Yard, Castle Road, Nottingham, NG1, 6AD.


 “The oldest inn in England” boasts the permanently whitewashed exterior of the Trip. Alas, we’ve sometimes had pints here that taste like they’re from the 12th Century. But beer is always going to be a matter of preference – and thankfully this place has a reasonably good rotation of guest beers on top of the sometimes bland Greene King offerings.

Dug into the side of the castle rock, you’ll find a small rabbit warren of caves, often full of international tourists eager to soak up the damp interior. There’s also a larger lounge area and a snug at the back (or front actually).

The main “beer garden” is a bit of a let down – essentially a back yard with cramped seating with a BBQ and “events” bar used for beer festivals. All of those features should normally add value, but here they just get in the way. However, you’ll also find a decent outdoor seating area in Brewhouse Yard.


Music? We don’t like that sort of thing in here.

Food? A standard menu of pub grub.

People? Tourists blocking the narrow bar area mix with real ale lovers, biker types and quite possibly stragglers from the 13th century.

Opinion? Maybe it’s because we’re local that we don’t fall for the faux mythology here, or perhaps it’s the volume of trade means the staff don’t have much time to pay attention. And yet, the Trip begs a return visit, if only to see whether things have improved.

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