The Kean’s Head


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Address: 46 St Mary’s Gate, Nottingham, NG1 1QA


Opened in 2004, the Kean’s Head was Nottingnam’s first no smoking pub. That said, the sticky main door can deliver a whiff of tobacco and an icy blast on a winter’s evening, generating cries of “Born in a barn?” from the punters.

However, the Kean’s usually delivers a warm welcome. The bar used to be dominated by Castle Rock ales – no bad thing – but in more recent times it’s widened to include craft beers and ciders. There’s also a massive bottle collection of continental brews; another trade mark of the Castle Rock pub brand.

Read the outside plaques to discover more about the rich history of this area.

NT Cock and Keans

Music? No. And don’t even think of playing your iPod on speaker.

Food? Hearty and home cooked pub favourites. The bangers are bang on.

Customers? A proper real ale loving crowd, with occasional visits from Tuxedo clad singers from St Mary’s Choir.

Opinion? You can drink Harvest Pale all night and still not feel the effects. Keep your eyes peeled for a free table; space is sometimes at a premium. And if you like something stronger, there’s a mahoosive collection.of whiskies.

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