The Falcon Inn


Address : 1 Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 3JE

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The first time I discovered the Falcon, people were literally falling out of the front door – but in a good way. A private bank holiday party had snowballed into something much too big for this tiny venue. It’s not a micro-pub, but anything more than 25 customers creates a squeeze.

Though sadly, that’s rarely the case these days, despite a large and rolling menu of real ales – usually impeccably kept. The Falcon seems to have suffered in recent years due to a frequently changing management.

A real fire in the corner and a wood burner in the ever-so-snug make this a cosy place on a cold winter night.


Music? Some Morris Dancers invaded once during the summer, but don’t let that put you off.

Food? The website ambitiously boasts “better than the best” Sunday roast in Canning Circus. The rest of the week tends to be a bit on-off.

Customers? Older than some of the other bars around here, reminiscing over the huge old Shipstones sign in the snug.

Opinion? In many locations, the Falcon would be everything you ever wanted in a pub. But in Canning Circus it’ll always be the poorer cousin of the Sir John next door. However, it continues to offer good value and choice in a massively competitive market.


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