The Horn In Hand

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Address : Goldsmith Street, Nottingham, NG1 5JT.


Despite a name worthy of a Viz comic strip, despite being right in the heart of student land, and despite its own website sporting a picture of a beardy hipster we still like this place. Thats largely down to dim and distant memories of the Horn’s previous existence as a dark, sticky room with all the personality of a 1970s public toilet.

The spit, sawdust and bodily fluids have been replaced by clean, sleek lines. It’s mainly craft beer here, but it’s neither overly pretentious not overpriced. And if you’re over 21 the staff don’t sneer at you, as might be the case at other nearby venues.

NT Horn in Hand

Music? Yes, and a bit loud. But often drowned out by the sport.

Food? Gatefold, stacking themed menus make choosing food more like going to a library. But well priced.

People? A big student element as befits the proximity to the campus, Rock City and the Rescue Rooms. But bearable nevertheless.

Opinion? Let’s face it, the river of urine that used to flow down the stairs means this place couldn’t have gotten any worse. However, it’s done substantially better than average following the refit. And you can walk straight out and onto a tram.

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