Getting started with NottsNight

Whether you’re a native Nottinghamian or a visitor to our fair city, we’ve made it dead easy to navigate.

Click on one of the maps click here for a NottsNight Trail.

Take a stroll around Nottingham’s gateway – Canning Circus – for pubs with a sense of tradition and history.

The heart of Nottingham’s weekend nightlife and beyond. Explore bars with a warm welcome and venture into the city’s Creative Quarter.


Immerse yourself in stunning architecture and discover some of the oldest recorded parts of Nottingham in the Lace Market.

Explore LACE

The industrial revolution centred around the important transport route of the Nottingham and Beeston Canal – today home to some great boozers.

Explore CANAL

Legendary tales abound around the Castle quarter, which includes the famous Robin Hood statue.

Explore CASTLE

The city centre has plenty of places to drink, and we’ve curated the very best for your enjoyment.

Explore CITY

Take a trip to the bustling town of Beeston by bus, train or tram – easy to get to, and full of great pubs.


The River Trent signifies Notingham’s southern boundary – and around it and in the nearby village of Ruddington you’ll enjoy a warm welcome at our collection of bars.

Explore RIVER


There are several NottsNight favourites which don’t fit into any geographical area. These are the “Notts Gots” – and they’re well worth seeking out.


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