Address : 4 South Sherwood Street, Nottingham, NG1 4BY.

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Back in the deep depths of history – or the 1980s as they’re now known – The Peach Tree changed its name to honour Victorian actress Lille Langtry. But long before then, this place had become a favourite with Evening Post journalists who used to work across the road, in what is now the Cornerhouse.

And working on the basis that any pub popular with journalists must keep its ale in good nick, you’ll find a rotating selection of cask beers behind the bar at most times, a healthy smattering of ciders and – because the occasional lady still comes in here – lots of gin.

Langtry’s has never put on any heirs or graces – expect a good old fashioned L-shaped boozer, often busy, with a no nonsense approach to things. Bizarrely, they do a CAMRA discount on real ciders only, blaming their owners Enterprise Inns for being stingy. Ahh well, you can’t have everything. And we admire honesty.

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Music? There might be a sound system in here but it’s usually too busy to hear it. Not in a bad way, though?

Food? You’ll smell the deep fried, home-made whiff of pub favourites as soon as you walk in. A standard menu with food offers on at various times.

People? Theatre goers, anxious to down their drinks before curtain up, often a slightly more mature crowd, mixing with the kids who’ve got lost on their way to Yates’s.

Opinion? What you see is what you get. Langtry’s can be one of the stickiest, loudest, busiest places in town. You’re in the city centre. Deal with it – and drink in the atmosphere.

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