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Planning your trip

Nottingham and its surrounding suburbs have a brilliant public transport network – so wherever you are, you should easily be able to travel to all of our pubs by bus, train or tram – and fortunately, most of the vehicles are a bit more modern than the one in our picture!

Click on the logos to plan your journey – or click on any of the maps to download to your device.

Transport NCT Logo

Nottingham City Transport runs frequent routes from the city centre to almost every suburb. If you’re anywhere in the Greater Nottingham or city areas, the chances are that NCT will have a service for you.

NCT full network mapNCT Full Network Map.png

NCT city centre stopsNCT City Stops.png

NCT night bus network

NCT Night Network.png


Transport NET Logo.png

Nottingham Express Transit runs two lines, from Hucknall to Toton Lane (great for Hucknall or Beeston/Chilwell) and Phoenix Park to Clifton. Both routes serve the city centre and Lace Market areas.

Transport TrentBArton.png

Trent Barton runs an extensive network of buses from Nottingham to outlying areas, including Hucknall, Ilkeston, Radcliffe, Bingham, Keyworth, Cotgrave and Mansfield. Its services are great if you live a little further afield – and some run all night at weekends.

Trent Barton Nottingham area map
Trent Barton Nottm Map.png

Trent Barton Trent Bridge area map

Trent Barton Trent Bridge Map.png

Transport Rail

Three train operators serve Nottingham railway station. East Midlands Trains provide services from Worksop and Mansfield, and on to Newark and Lincoln, or south to Leicester and London. Cross Country Trains run through Derby and onto Birmingham and Cardiff. Northern runs a frequent service to Leeds.

Buying your ticket

Nottingham has an array of public transport operators – and if you’re just taking one journey it may be best to pay on board. However, the Robin Hood Card offers you unlimited travel options on all buses and trams for a flat fare of £4.60 per day (August 2018 prices)  You can buy a card from any of the machines on the street. Click on the logo for more details.


Robin Hood Network mapRobin Hood Network Map.png

Robin Hood network boundary map

Robin Hood BusTram.png


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