Welcome to Canning Circus

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Alan Sillitoe’s seminal novel that became a famous film, epitomised the gritty district of Canning Circus – an area awash with working men and women in search of a great pint and a great time after a hard week of graft at the Raleigh or Players factories. And they partied hard in the many pubs around here.

Roll forward to the present day, and Canning Circus is undergoing something of a drinking renaissance. You’ll find bars to suit all tastes, styles and age groups – and it seems that each once continues to carve out a niche audience in the form of beer, decor and entertainment.

Sure, at certain times of the day (and night) this district can look uninviting. But come along and sample a rich community of working professionals, students and takeaways offering global treats.

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