The Malt Shovel

1 Union Street, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, NG9 2LU



In recent years, Beeston has seen a lot of emerging competition. So it’s good to see the Malt Shovel setting – and keeping – the bar high. Tucked away just off the pedestrianised high street, there are half a dozen handpulls on offer, with a knowledgeable staff.

There are posher (and more pretentious) venues nearby, but the Malt Shovel keeps things basic, which is a good thing. Although the bar consists of a single room, its layout means you can always find a quiet corner.

A few benches outside make up the beer “garden” – being off the main road it’s quiet enough for a nice pint while the sun sets.

NT Malt Shovel.JPG

Music? Live music on a Friday night – pleasant background tunes the rest of the time.

Food? A full menu of pub favourites during the week along with Sunday lunches.

People? A firm favourite with Beeston locals – generally a bit more mature – but a fair few students during term time too.

Opinion? The Malt Shovel is just about everything you want in a decent pub. There are no trashy gimmicks here, unlike some of its neighbours. A great place to soak up a pint and the atmosphere.

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