The Salutation Inn

Address : 75 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, NG1 7AA.

One of three pubs laying claim to be Nottingham’s oldest. the Sal boasts the date 1240 above the door. Or maybe that’s the opening time. Whatever it is, the Salutation offers plenty of history. And rock music. Lots of rock music.

On the bar, an impressive selection of up to ten real ales, lots of ciders and a few craft beers too. You’ll be able to see the colour of many of them by looking down at the flagstones where pints often end up.

Pre-pandemic, you could descend into the Anglo-Saxon Caves – we hope that this access will return once restrictions are lifted, because it’s a fascinating peek into Nottingham’s past.

Music?  Pre-pandemic, the Sal was renowned for its rock gigs, mostly in the upstairs bar. You can enjoy quieter surroundings downstairs.

Food? A full menu of pub grub, Sunday roasts and light bites on the bar. You might also spot the legendary Dave the Fishman selling a heady mix of cockles. whelks and Pepperamis

People? While biker jackets aren’t compulsory, you’d be best advised to cover up your cravat.

Opinion? As old as Nottingham itself, the Salutation is a fine old boozer. The current management have refurbished the main bar, demonstrating a long term commitment to the place.

Getting here : NCT City Loop lines to Maid Marian Way, Trent Barton Indigo, i4, Cotgrave, Villager, Mainline and Keyworth to Friar Lane (5 minute wale)

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