NottsNight goes underground!

It’s been a busy summer at NottsNight, and as the nights draw in we thought we’d treat you to something warm and fuzzy – pubs with caves! The brand new NottsNight Underground provides a unique guide to the city’s hostelries which feature hidden treasures. At some venues you can simply walk through the door and experience the magic, while at others you may need to book yourself on a tour. Either way, you’ll be drinking in a bit of Nottingham’s history.

Undergound V2

And that’s not all. NottsNight is an ever evolving blog and we’ve just added two new bars as part of the Underground Trail, which means we’ve also had to update our hugely popular NottsNight Overground map. We’ve also taken the opportunity to iron out a few anomalies from previous editions, giving a slightly more accurate picture of Hockley and cleaning up a couple of the pedestrian routes.

NottsNight Overground V4

All of which has meant also updating our Downloadable City Trail and The Compleat NottsNight, not to mention the at-a-glance tube maps for Hockley and Canning Circus.

Hockley Tube V4Canning Tube V3

We’ll need a couple of pints after all that hard work!

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