A Room With A Brew

Address : 78 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5FD


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The problem with some micro pubs is that they’re, well, a bit too small. This might sound like stating the bloody obvious but if theirs no room to swing a cat, how are you supposed to safely deliver a pint to your mates?

Thankfully, that isn’t an issue in this place. Opened in 2016, The Room With A Brew filled one of the many empty shop units on Derby Road. Owned by the Stapleford-based brewery Scribbler’s Ales you can choose from one of their own literary themed beers like Beerfest at Tiffany’s or try one of three or so guest ales.

The furniture is as quirky as the setting, with a mixture of church pews, club chairs and stools. If it’s warm enough – or if you fancy a ciggy – you can perch on a barrel outside and watch the world go by.


Music? No – you can hear yourself (and everyone else) talk here.

Food? Eat before your come – it’s sausage rolls and pork pies.

Customers? A proper boozer’s pub. Older blokes and women who like their ale mix with students who realise there’s more to life than horrible lager.

Opinion? A great addition to the Derby Road and Canning Circus pub crawl circuit, the Brew has thrived so far. Watch out for opening times though – they tend to be a little earlier than some neighbouring pubs.

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