The Mist Rolling Inn

Address : 78 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5FD

“If God had wanted us to climb halfway up a hill for a pint, he might have created The Mist Rolling Inn”. And if that homage to Brian Howard Clough isn’t a big enough clue, this pub takes its name from a line in the song Mull Of Kintyre, for decades the anthem of Nottingham Forest Football Club. (Yes, we know that if you’re a local you already knew that – but our reviews have global appeal!)

Not that this is a Forest themed pub; there aren’t even any big screens to watch the footy. But this micropub makes a respectful nod to the Tricky Trees, and has rebranded just in time for the club’s return to the Premier League. It also takes a leaf out of its two predecessors on the same site – featuring a good mix of real ales, craft beers and ciders to satisfy most palates.

If you knew this place as The Room With a Brew – or the Good Bad and Drunk – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the modest but tasteful makeover. Gone are the old awkward alcoves and high benches worthy of a Health and Safety film – now replaced with far more sensible tables and chairs. Much closer to the ground after a pint of the potent Cornish Rattler.

Music?  Background tunes, though the volume (and playlist) can be ramped up if you’re in a party mood.

Food? Eat before your come – it’s sausage rolls and pork pies.

Customers? A proper boozer’s pub. Older blokes and women who like their ale mix with students who realise there’s more to life than horrible lager.

Opinion? Canning Circus thrives on its variety, and a micropub sits well in what is an extremely competitive area. We hope the locals – and visitors – recognise this – because if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

Getting here : Trent Barton Rainbow One, Indigo or i4 services, NCT Turquoise or Orange Lines, all to Cathedral, then a short walk up the hill.

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