The Hop Merchant

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Address : 64 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham

If you’d have told me two years ago that this place would have toilets featuring upturned barrels for sinks, I’d have suggested it was just another night in the Turf Tavern – the bar’s previous incarnation as the place to encounter the worst that Nottingham’s late night bars could offer.

And yet, the Hop Merchant has transformed a former dive into a respectable establishment, complete with several real ales and bottled beers. The decor is suitably “beer related” with barrels lining one wall and there’s an air of a management that’s really trying to dust off the old reputation.

And if it all gets too noisy for you downstairs, there’s a first floor snug too.

NT Hop Merchant.png

Music? Occasional acoustic gigs, otherwise some background tunes competing with the conversation.

Food? A menu of pub staples and posh-ish bar snacks.

Customers? Some of the meat market and Malibu brigade still cling on from the old days but things seem to be moving more upmarket.

Opinion? What a difference! I previosuly wouldn’t have touched this place with my mate’s barge pole, let alone mine. And our first visit was aided by a pint of Brian Clough (Castle Rock).


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