The Angel Microbrewery 

Address : 7 Stoney Street, Nottingham, NG1 1LG.


As the Old Angel Inn, this bar was the centre of Nottingham’s alternative scene. Rockers, punks and many forms of life would hang out here, oblivious to the outside world as the loudest music emanated from the DJ booth or the gig room.

Now, the Angel Microbrewery has emerged, with floorboards you don’t stick to and toilets that flush correctly. The bar’s a big improvement too, with an growingly impressive range of real ales and craft brews. Some of the latter are unfiltered beers – cloudy to look at but tasty enough.

The old smelly pool room has been transformed into a restaurant with an open kitchen. All in all, you wouldn’t know the place from the old days.


Music? Weekend DJ’s pump out old school classics. Bands are also on several nights, including a Thursday open mic.

Food? A full menu of comforting pub grub is on offer, including including a wide range of veggie and vegan options.

Customers? Still a whiff of “alt” from the past, the Angel has now turned “hipster lite”, so you’ll be let in with or without a beard.

Opinion? Part of me misses the look on my friend’s faces when I introduced them to the “Owd Angel.” But not a big part. The refurbishment has paid off, as demonstrated by the weekend crowds.

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