The Peacock

Address : 11, Mansfield Rd, Nottingham, East Midlands, NG1 3FB

For some time, the future of this iconic pub was in doubt. But Spring 2023 has seen new management at The Peacock and evidence of some much needed investment in this building. The classic lounge has been given a good clean, and bells above the seats have been restored, marking a welcome return to table service.

The main bar has also undergone a makeover with fresh new decor and a bar offering at selection of three handpulls and a range of craft beers. Theakstons, Marstons and Wainwright seem to be the permanents on sale, though there are sometimes a few guest ales on rotation.

TV screens have been added to both bars, and big sports events are shown. Times change and we get that, but we hope that the big screens don’t take away what should be a good place to have a pint and a chat..

Events : The new tenants have launched a range of events to get people through the door, including a weekly quiz, DJs nights and screenings of big sports.

Food : Bar snacks are on offer but there are plenty of nearby choices for truly global dining if you head up Mansfield Road.

People : Given its location, the world and his dog is likely to walk in on any given day. At times it’s definitely a more mature customer, but the bright clean look also attracts a range of punters.

Opinion : Thank goodness this place was saved! The Star Pub Company (Heineken) struggled to find tenants and for a while this pub could have easily become student flats. And perhaps the biggest change? The toilets are no longer like wading through a sewer, which can only be a good thing.

Getting Here : Any of the many NCT or Trent Barton buses to Victoria Centre

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