The Whistle and Flute

Address : 96 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5FB

When this place opened in summer 2022 we had high hopes. And as far as a pub goes, it does the trick. Up to six rotating real ales are on offer and the service is always friendly. So far, so good, right?

However, our early assessment of a pleasant addition to the Canning Circus scene has been slightly marred because, well, the place has become a major sports bar. Now we get that in a crowded market, it’s wise to offer something a bit different. Except it’s not that different : the Ragland Road across the street does that, and frankly does not meet the NottsNight standard.

But there is redemption here in the shape of good beer, and a footprint so large you can try and find a corner away from the the general rowdiness. And mahoosive bifold doors at the front create a natural seasonal drinking terrace that brings the outdoors indoors. 2023 has seen an expansion downstairs into a vast cave area. A second bar is open during events including DJ nights and stand up comedy.

Events : Live music, DJ sets and even karaoke are on offer when there’s not a big game. It can be pleasant enough but the quality is somewhat varied;

Food? Burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, wraps and sharing plates are all on offer.

People? This place can get quite busy during big sports events and, at times, resembles an unpleasant party pub in Spain.

Opinion? Canning Circus is a challenging and crowded market. The Whistle has attempted to stand out from the crowd, and while the beer and service remains good, the ambience sometimes leaves a bit to be desired.

Getting here : Trent Barton Rainbow One, Indigo or i4 services, NCT Turquoise or Orange Lines, all to Cathedral, then a short walk up the hill.

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