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Since 2016, NottsNight has grown from a humble blog to a website we’re dead proud of. But with around 60 reviews now online – and plans to add more – it’s a bit of a job keeping up with it all.

So, we’re now looking to add to our small team of dedicated volunteers to help us keep everything bang up to date. And it only involves going for a drink! Basically, we’d like to ensure that each pub on the NottsNight site is visited at least once every four months. This is to check whether the information on each entry is still in date.

For instance, some pubs introduce or withdraw Camra discounts at a moment’s notice. Quite a few are now boasting about their “dig friendly” credentials, while some are opening and closing their kitchens faster than Gordon Ramsay.

Along with “quality control” on our existing pubs, we’re looking to expand to places like Ruddington, Radcliffe on Trent, Arnold and anywhere else where there are some really good boozers. So for that, we need folk to write new reviews.

As this is a website run as a hobby, we can’t offer you any payment. And when you’re down the pub, we’d prefer you to keep quiet about NottsNight – our site works better with honest reviews, written on a “mystery customer” basis,

If you’d like to give us a hand, please email

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