The Golden Fleece

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Address : 105 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 3FN.


“Scrubs up nicely” could sum up the Fleece after a much needed refurbishment in 2016. Gone are the dark walls and sticky floors that used to characterise this grungy venue.

The pub was taken over by the same folk who run the Bunkers Hill, and in keeping with the company policy, there’s a wide selection of real ales, craft beer and ciders on rotation. Decor is mixed from high benches to cosy armchairs – and the old stage at the top end can still be used for live performances.

The only mystery being where are the customers? On our visit – at 9pm on a Friday night – the place was being propped up by one small group of blokes. Still, better to be able to find a good seat.


NT Fleece.png

Music? Background music on our visit, but the big speakers and mixing desk are all plugged in for gigs.

Food? Not that we saw – and the absence of a pub website makes it hard to find out more.

People? Not very many on our visit. But usually a mix of 30 and 40 something drinkers, along with students from the Arboretum area.

Opinion? A clean refit has given the Fleece a much improved ambience. All it needs now are a few more punters.


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