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Address : 7 High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1 1HF

Head of Steam Nottingham

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When a bar gets taken over by a brewery, with the promise of a full revamp, our NottsNight eyes roll upwards, complete with a long sigh, and a muttered “bleddy hell, here we go again”. However, we’re pleasantly surprised with the efforts of Hartlepool-based Cameron’s – because this a chain with personality.

The two floors of the former Living Room/Massoula have been completely revamped, with a huge new bar dominating the downstairs room. Walk towards the back and you’ll see a healthy selection of real ales, and a mahoosive menu of craft beers.


If downstairs is looking a bit busy, the first floor has loads more seats stretching back to a previously unused part of the building, which also serves as an area for beer tasting evenings.

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Music? Live music on Thursdays and Sundays, background choons for the rest of the week.

Food? There’s a large menu offering everything from breakfast and brunch to dinner. Burgers, pizzas and “world flavours” are promised (which bizarrely includes a steak from Yorkshire. Brexit personified.)

People? The Lace Market always attracts a mixed crowd of wide boys, pretty girls and, yes, the inevitable hipster. But if you’re none of these things you’ll still feel welcome.

Opinion? Camerons have set the bar high with this opening – in an area that’s also seen its fair share of outlets closing. It’s tough competition, but maybe, just maybe, the Head of Steam has done its research properly, which is more than can be said for some places around here.

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