Annie’s Burger Shack

Address : 5 Broadway, Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1PR


What’s this? A restaurant in a beer blog? Well, yep. Because this is no ordinary restaurant. When Annie Spaziano took the bold step to move from America she established the original Burger Shack as a kitchen add on to what is now the Angel Microbrewery. From there the shack travelled via the Navigation on Wilford Street to its custom built venue in the Lace Market.

Annie prides her establishment on being a freehouse, so you’ll find a healthy rotating selection of real ale and craft beers on tap, and a casual basement bar – the Ocean State Tavern – if you’d just prefer the beer to the food.

Speaking of which, Annie’s burgers aren’t the cheapest or the quickest in town. This isn’t fast food – it’s freshly prepared, filling American cooking. And you won’t need to eat for a week afterwards.

Music? Americana tunes playing out on the sound system, with occasional larger music events during some holiday weekends.

Food? Duh, yeah.

People? The full plate of humankind – couples, families, groups, dates.

Opinion? Nottingham boasts many high end burger joints, though most are just part of a large chain. When Annie uses the word “original” she really means it. Good grub and good beer (though served at restaurant prices)

Getting here? NCT City Loop Turquoise and Green services to George Street. NET Tram to Lace Market – both 10 minutes walk.

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