The Roundhouse


Address : Royal Standard Place, Nottingham, NG1 6FS


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There’s a good rule of thumb in Nottingham when it comes to history – “look up and you will see it”. And that couldn’t be truer than in the Roundhouse – whose decorative ceiling was once seen by many a new mum – because this once was the maternity ward of the Nottingham General Hospital.

On the bar you’ll find a good selection of four handpulls and a few craft beers too. You’ll also find a full, hearty menu on offer.

Although renowned more for its dining, the Roundhouse also has plenty of tables and comfy sofas for simple pint. The wide area around Standard Hill is full of historically important buildings, blending in with garishly new apartments centred on an impressive but largely unused amphitheatre.

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Music? Strictly background tunes, adding a pleasant atmosphere.

Food? You may well smell the kitchen as you walk up the sweeping staircase – which is entirely a good thing. Book ahead, especially at the weekend.

Customers? By the time people have walked up the hill, they’ve generally lost any cockiness they might have had. A wide age range from young couples to entire families celebrating a special occasion.

Opinion? If the Roundhouse was in the centre of town it’d be rammed seven nights a week. Thankfully, being slightly off the beaten track (you really have to look for it) it maintains a respectable ambience.

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