The Bunkers Hill

36-38 Hockley, Nottingham, NG1 1FP



Where Hockley and hockey meet, the Bunkers is a firm favourite with Nottingham Panthers fans – hardly surprising, as they play at the huge National Ice Centre just next door.

The Bunkers has fluctuated in quality and service over the years. These days the emphasis is on craft rather than cask beers, but the reals ales that are on offer are generally well kept, and the staff knowledgeable about the product

There are open mic sessions, bigger gigs in the upstairs room and even a retro arcade machine tucked away in an alcove by the slots. And if you want to brave four lanes of passing traffic, there’s an outdoor terrace.

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Music? Yep – the Bunkers has a long tradition of supporting local music, though thankfully the loudest stuff is confined to the upstairs room.

Food? After experimenting with several menus, food has now been dropped – so you’ll have to make do with bar snacks.

Customers? On weekends during the season, be prepared to jostle with massive frames wearing oversized hockey gear – and that’s just the fans.

Opinion? A recent refurbishment has refreshed the look and feel of the Bunkers. It’s a good venue to start an evening crawling up Hockley. Make sure you down enough before facing the ocean of kids lining up for the more trendy places.

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